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Welcome to Skillsway Labs

Empowering Education Through Innovation

Equitable access to education for all, empowered by innovation.


Empowering communities with sustainable innovation, building local capacity, and driving equitable access to information and education.


We believe collaboration fuels progress, data sparks insights, inclusivity ignites potential.

About Skillsway

is a pioneering education consultancy based in Lilongwe, Malawi. We are committed to revolutionizing the educational landscape by harnessing the potential of technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences across diverse environments, from bustling urban centers to remote rural areas.

Skillsway Labs

Why Choose Skillsway

At Skillsway Labs, we offer unique advantages tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Malawian educational landscape

Who We Work With

Skillsway Labs collaborates with a diverse range of partners to advance educational initiatives and drive positive change in the Malawian educational landscape. We work closely with:

Our Partners

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